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Review: Power Rangers #15

powerrangers-015-cover-a-pressTitle: Power Rangers #15

Publisher: Boom Studios!

Writers: Kyle Higgins

Artists: Daniel Bayliss

Story Rating: 7

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 8.6

Boom! Studios deliver the mythology that is the Power Rangers. They are group of teenage superheroes that battle against the forces of evil. Zordon of Altar, mentor of these heroes guides them to be the ultimate fighting force for good. In this issue we dive into the mind of Zordon.

The story by Kyle Higgins follows Zordon as he views his relationship to the Power Rangers. Zordon while traveling in the space-time continuum encounters visions of the rangers and himself. Zordon must choose between what is reality and fantasy as his mind begins to unravel. The scenes are well crafted to immerse the reader behind the mindset of characters. The visions present a future were the Power Rangers fall in battle against their arch nemesis Rita Repulsa. Zordon is stricken by these premonitions even after viewing his own demise by the hands of a friend. In space the mighty tiger sword Saba, of the white light, finds the present Zordon and warns him of the luring threat.

The artwork by Daniel Bayliss highlights the extremities of power as action is splashed across every page. The line work displays pinpoint focus in constructing proper shapes and details. The robots, monsters, and people are given proper features either to enhance their profile of a species or demonstrate facial emotion. The movement leads from one panel to the next. The pacing works for action and character development. The eyes speed through the fighting but slow down when presented with crucial dialogue between characters.

The colors within the issue are very bright and visual the landscapes and characters are seen with dramatic emphasis. The color also affects the mood of each scene the fair use of black and red in the background create fear or loneliness. The colors display an angelic presence as the energy or power within the weapons or monsters hold striking hues of green, blue, yellow, red, pink, and black. The colors give life to the story as the imagination bursts onto the pages.

The issue leaves the reader wanting more for the future is unknown. What decisions will Zordon make to insure the safety of the Power Rangers or the planet? The series will continue to push the stakes as more challenges come forth to test the will and strength of our heroes.

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