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Review: Young Thug Flexes Genius on New LP

Young Thug made good on his promise.

Young Thug/Beautiful Thugger Girls/300

At the last minute, this week’s release schedule was given a gift from the hip-pop gods. Beautiful Thugger Girls hit the digital shelves on Thursday night with the force of an atom bomb.

The hand-crafted collection is as eclectic as the rapper’s clothing choices.  The stylistic influences range from dream-pop, to trap, to soul to country and beyond.

Young thugAt the start of the proceedings its beyond evident that this ride is going to be a long and strange trip.

“Family Don’t Matter” is equal parts hillbilly and hood. Yet, in spots it floats like a shoegazer anthem in the vein of The Church’s “Under the Milky Way.”

Somehow, its cohesive and there is a genius in taking tablescraps from a lot of different styles and making them whole.

When Thug croon raps ‘country Billy made a couple millie/trying to park the Rolls Royce inside the Piccadilly,’ the immediate reaction was that of shock.

If anything, every second of this album needs to be heard if only appreciate the balls that it took for him to put it out.

One of the most straight-forward cuts is “Daddy’s Birthday.” In it, a lot of reflection is at hand. So much so that with the somber sounds of the Fender Rhodes piano under his wings, Young Thug climbs to his next level as a musician.

Don’t get it twisted. The bragging and the boom are still standard-issue here.

The risk and the reward are great and with the help of some peers such as Snoop, Lil Durk, Future and Millie Go Lightly, Young Thug has made a case for album of the year.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: Young Thug Beautiful Thugger Girls

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