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Review: Big Boi Comes up Short in ‘Boomiverse’

Daddy Fatsacks is hit and miss.

Antwan Patton, famously known as Big Boi, has released his third solo studio album Boomiverse, which is packed with star power including Snoop Dogg and Jeezy. Patton has been in the hip hop game since the 90’s as a founding member of Outkast.

Boomiverse features 12 tracks. “Kill Jill” has a hook that will be difficult to forget, and it’s the second song that sets the stage early on. “Mic Jack” sounds more reminiscent to an Outkast-type of track. It features Adam Levine, Scar and Sleepy Brown. One of Outkast’s biggest hits “The Way You Move” also featured Sleepy Brown.

big-boi-boomiverse-album-tracklist-gucci-mane-pimp-cIt’s obvious Big Boi isn’t trying to replicate his success with Outkast, but he recognizes that’s where hip hop fans first met him. He’s made connections over the years through that. Even “Mic Jack” stands out and isn’t a copy.

The familiar sound will be a comfort for long time fans though. Track 7, “Get Wit It,” featuring Snoop Dogg is a fun ride. This is a song that will likely end up in the clubs. Not the same epic thrill as “Gin and Juice” but Snoop definitely proves to be an asset as a guest.

The best and most relatable is “Overthunk” featuring Eric Bellinger. It’s more of an R&B sound with a good mix of rap and singing. Bellinger sounds an awful lot like Usher, making the track that much more appealing.

His voice brings a sex appeal for fans who have missed Usher’s smooth vocals in recent years. When Patton comes in, he fires off lyrics and rhymes faster than some can follow. A second listen to this track helps and gets the listener more invested. Everyone gets uneasy in relationships and overthinks things. It’s a great track for revealing the insecurity most people experience on a daily basis.

As a whole, this album is good, but it’s not great. Big Boi has created some catchy party tracks that fans will love drinking too. He brings in some top-notch talent on his tracks as well making every listener enjoy hearing their other favorite rappers.

As a solo artist one wouldn’t want to be overshadowed by the featured guests on the tracks. Almost every song on Boomiverse has a second or third party involved. It would be nice to hear what only solo artist Big Boi has to say.

Rating: 3.5/5

Stream Big Boi’s Boomiverse

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