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Converse Takes Steps Into a Brilliant J.W. Anderson Collab

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In the past, Converse has taken many risks with their classic designs, such as collaborating with Marc Jacobs to create custom shoes and much more.

However, in recent times, they have decided to bring designer looks to the fashion world, especially with their newest collaboration project with J.W. Anderson. This past week, J.W. Anderson, a famous British label, posted pictures of the collab on Instagram, shocking and intriguing many Converse fans who can’t wait to get their hands on the new collection!

The collection features all-over glitter designs that give the classic Chuck Taylors a fantastic upgrade that we can’t wait to experience for ourselves. He has also included his take on the iconic One Stars, giving them a chic elegance for anybody out and about in the city. As you can see for yourself, the new line features a mixture of amazing textures, from the sparkling elegance of Chuck Taylors to the soft look of the One Stars.

Anderson has said about the collab, “From my very first pair, Converse have represented such a radical movement in style and culture. The contrasts and similarities between the world of Converse and the world of J.W. Anderson creates a space of culture tension that’s a dream to play within as a designer.” Everybody is waiting for more details to drop about the shoe line – such as how much they will cost and when we will see them personally hit shelves. They are expected to become a fashion staple in-stores sometime in the Fall, and so far the price range has been up in the air.

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