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Review: The Flash #24 – ‘The Color of Fear’

The Flash deals with loss.

Title: FlaFlash #24sh #24

Publisher: DC Comics

Author: Joshua Williamson

Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Story Rating: 8.5

Art Rating: 8.5

Color Rating: 10

Overall Rating: 8.5

The Flash #24 shows Barry dealing with the fear of losing Iris due to him being The Flash. He is afraid that Iris will leave him once she finds out his secret identity.

Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, helps Barry Allen realize that life is too short. Meanwhile, Reverse Flash has somehow returned and has taken Iris West to the 25th Century after beating up the new Kid Flash.

The issue opens with a shot of what looks to be the Flash Museum in the 25th Century. In there, a bottle of speed force energy is seen next to a bottle with an unknown energy next to it.

The artwork for the Flash Museum is detailed and nice to look at. When the issue goes back to the present day, Flash and Green Lantern are fighting Multiplex.

Overall, the fight between Flash, Green Lantern and Multiplex is stunning. There are only a few instances where Carmine Di Giandomenico is not at his best.

One instance was near the end of the story where Green Lantern has green lightning surrounding him. It looks weird to have lightning surrounding him since he is not a speedster. Giandomenico seems to portray all energy that is being used in some form of lightning but it doesn’t look natural.

There are times when characters are standing still and they look skinnier than usually depicted. Reverse Flash and Wally West were both featured in panels that made them look more narrow and skinnier than in earlier panels. The panel that shows Wally West in the Kid Flash suit looks unfinished and uneven.

There are two separate stories going on within one issue. There is the story of Reverse Flash versus Wally West and Iris West, and then the story of Green Lantern and Flash versus Multiplex.

The stories do not blend together as well as Williamson might have hoped. Though this issue may not be as memorable, the ending shows a more interesting follow-up that could come in the next issue. The issue tries to explore fear needing to be overcome, especially on Barry’s part. While Green Lantern is a good hero to help Barry realize that lesson, it should have been explored more than just a few panels.

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