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Miley Cyrus vs. Dolce & Gabbana: A Political Squabble

When Braison, Miley Cyrus’ little brother, hit the runway this week, she was quick to respond with many encouraging words! In response to Braison’s Dolce & Gabbana walk, she had nothing but positives to say to him: “It’s never been my little brother’s dream to be a model as HE is one of the most talented musicians my ears have ever been given the gift of hearing… BUT it is a Cyrus family trait to try everything once and to embrace opportunities that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone!” Miley went on to say in her Instagram post that she loves her brother and congratulates him. However, it was the last paragraph that has many people’s attention now: “P.S. D&G, I STRONGLY disagree with your politics… but I do support your company’s effort to celebrate young artists & give them the platform to shine their light for all to see!”

Via Miley Cyrus' Instagram Page

Via Miley Cyrus’ Instagram Page

Though Miley has not specified what this refers to, exactly, we have a good idea. Recently, Gabbana has been promoting the fact that he has dressed Melania Trump in his label’s clothing. If anybody disagrees with him on social media, he has a tendency to speak directly back to them. He did just this as soon as he saw what Miley had to say! He responded to Miley’s comments, “Ignorant!!!” and “For your stupid comment never more work with him.”

Gabbana also started speaking in his native Italian tongue and went on to say, “We are Italian and we don’t care about politics and mostly neither the American one! We make dresses and if you think about doing politics with a post it’s simply ignorant.” He also used his signature ‘#boycottdolcegabbana’ which has become particularly popular in fashion culture. Gabbana and his partner released a $245 tee shirt wearing the hashtag.

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