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Review: Justice League of America #8

Time to visit Monster Valley

rco001_1497433453Title: Justice League of America #8

Publisher: DC Comics

Author: Steve Orlando

Art: Scott Hanna, Felipe Watanabe

Story Rating: 8.5

Art Rating: 9

Color Rating: 9.5 

Overall Rating: 9

Justice League of America #8 shows the team going to “Monster Valley” in order to rescue a “Monster Man” named Makson from being captured by an evil organization named S.K.U.L.L. The cover teases that the character could possibly be a new hero that could join the team or be a new villain the team has to stop.

After rescuing Makson, the team brings him back to civilization where his real name is revealed to be Brenton Hamilton, Chief Beneficiary to the Hamilton Court Fortune.

The team are glad that Brenton got a second chance except for Black Canary and Batman. Batman realizes that Brenton is hiding something and wants to discover what it is. The rest of the team doesn’t believe Batman and thinks him to be a hypocrite since he has given them all a second chance but won’t give Brenton one.

The character of Makson is similar to Tarzan in many ways. Though what Steve Orlando did that was interesting was have him come back to civilization as a villain. Though it was too obvious that he was going to be a villain. At the end of the issue, they flat out said he was going to kill his family for abandoning him. That is a great motivation, but it would have been more interesting if they made readers think he could possibly be a good guy and only Batman believes him to be bad.

The artwork in this issue is amazing. Seeing the “Monster Valley” with the different backgrounds and creatures was a great visual and really added to the issue. The artwork throughout the issue is consistent and only lacks in background a few times. The issue allows the reader to get interested in the story and makes the reader want to come back to see what happens.

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