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Column: Strange Love: Fashion and the Art of Couture

The Serial Shopper

The Serial Shopper is Salute Magazine’s weekly column authored by Fashion Editor Money Jensen. The Serial Shopper is a weekly look into the mind of our quirky and eclectic Fashion Editor and her thoughts on the state of the fashion industry, fashion influencers, and controversial topics within.

No matter who we are, and regardless of where we are from, we all have our unique personal sense of fashion. But, do you ever wonder what some people think when they design different pieces?

We have all seen a fashion trend on the runway that has made us think “Who in the hell is going to wear that?” That is a good question to ask, but a more important question is “why did this designer choose to make this piece?” You see, not all fashion that comes down the runway is made to actually wear. What many people forget about fashion and design is that it is a beautiful and interpretive form of art.

No matter how commercialized fashion has become, there are still artists among the droves of men and women who design solely for profit. These bright shining beacons run few and far between. Often many of the designers who create unique abstract pieces get lost in the smog of fast fashion, their designs mocked or discarded into the fray.

Nevertheless, we get blessed every once in a while with designers that have an incredible knack for blurring the lines between reality and what lies beyond. John Galliano creative director for Maison Margiela is a prime example of a true Couturier. Here are just a few of his stunning designs that encompass the idea of fashion as art to be worn.

Another designer who has graced the fashion world with his resplendent artwork is Jean-Paul Gaultier. Known for his world-renowned costume designs, Gaultier is a master of his craft. Below are some of his entrancing pieces.

The final true artist that is sadly gone from the fashion world far too soon is Alexander McQueen. McQueen’s designs encapsulated the raging chaos and beauty of a truly artistic mind. As devastating as his loss has been to the fashion world, he has left a legacy that will be studied and imitated for decades to come. Below are just a minute selection of his extraordinary creations.

These transformative artists do what many of us are programmed to forget, they imagine their wildest dreams and try to manifest them into reality. Through needle and thread, they create fantasies and nightmares.

So, if you have ever thought “who in the world is going to wear that?!” the answer is, many of us already do, in our mind’s eye.

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