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Video: 2 Chainz Gets Elevated in “Blue Cheese”

2 Chainz elevates out of the trap

2 Chainz  released the video forBlue Cheese ft. Migos.” The video starts off with 2 Chainz sitting on the steps of a building, before cutting to the parking lot of an apartment complex.

There’s a huge white X that 2 Chainz is standing on. Surrounding the X are kids skateboarding, biking, and playing on an abandoned mattress and sofa. Shots cut to different nicely dressed women standing around. When the song transitions to Migos, the setting is the same but it’s nighttime.

“Blue Cheese” talks about going from “rags to riches,” the video being a visual representation of that. The setting is a rundown looking apartment complex with young kids using old furniture as their playground. Yet, contrasting that there are women dressed in high fashion, carrying expensive purses, and dancing on top of the X.

The kids seem to represent what 2 Chainz and Migos came from, and the large X the artists are standing on and dancing around representing where they are today.

The kids can be seen looking up at the X, much like how 2 Chainz and the members of Migos probably looked up to rappers as children, dreaming that one day they would too share that success. Three of the kids are seen holding red, white, and blue colored smoke bombs, signifying the American dream.

At first glance, the video may just seem like a typical rap video. But upon closer examination, the video goes in depth to show the artist’s process of starting from humble beginnings, to eventually finding success and living the dream.

Watch: 2 Chainz ft. Migos “Blue Cheese”

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