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ShaoDow Revels in Grime and Kung-Fu on New Single

ShaoDow kicks into the spotlight

U.K. grime artist, ShaoDow, is working his latest single /video “Morning After Morning.”

The single comes from his third studio album, シャウ道。The Way Of Shao.

The tracklist includes features from Papoose, Krizz Kaliko (Strange Music), McLean, Dot Rotten, Genesis Elijah, Durrty Goodz and Serocee.

“Morning After Morning” features long time friend and collaborator Abiade. ShaoDow described the song in a press release.

“This track is really just two good friends just doing what we love and what we’re dope at.”

The high-energy, martial arts-themed video is available on ShaoDow’s Vevo channel.

Beyond making music, ShaoDow recently released his first book, a manga series that bears the album’s title.

Incredibly successful, the collector’s edition sold out within 2 months.

ShaoDow is internationally  recognized for his hard work and constant need to create.

Influential British DJ Charlie Sloth  pegged him as ‘one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met.’

The toils of blood and sweat were picked up while studying Kung-Fu in China when he was just a teenager.

This level of commitment has made ShaoDow a trailblazer.

These values have stuck with him. After earning his law degree, he went on to sell  25,000 physical albums independently.

He discussed his craft in the simplest of terms.

“I’m a lyricist first, always have been, always will be. Making full on songs is fun, but sometimes I just want to go in and remind a dude that Shao can spit. I’ve known Abs since college days, we were messing about, rapping and trying to avoid a boring life back then, I guess in some ways we still are.” 

 ShaoDow Profile Page

Watch ShaoDow “Morning After Morning.”

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