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List: 5 Firm 2017 NBA Draft Predictions

Certain things are just written in stone

Regardless of sport, Draft Day is a special day for young men that have toiled for an unthinkable amount hours and faced an unimaginable amount of pressure to reach their dreams.

In the case of the 2017 NBA Draft, on Thursday the latest group of prospects will get their shine after working the camp circuit, showing up in year-round AAU competition and in most cases playing some college ball.

The process ages and matures some and insulates others and while the inevitable boom or bust stories will be written once these names are placed, at the moment we are left predicting who will end up where.

#5 Lonzo Ball Will Be A Laker

Cutting the suspense, let’s get it out the way and bank on the fact that Lonzo Ball will wake up on Friday morning as a part of his hometown squad.

It does not mean that it’s the smart thing to do but the Lakers are desperate for a positive path. Trading D ‘Angelo Russell did nothing but make it clear that the ultimate distraction is going Hollywood.

#4 Markelle Fultz Will Instantly Uplift the 76ers

The 76ers can’t be stuck in the mud forever. At some point they have to get better and Fultz will be the name to help change their fortunes.

The Washington PG‘s fluid style perfectly suits Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. He will elevate their play as the glue that binds them together.

Fultz can make plays on his own, but his leadership mentality is sorely needed in the City of Brotherly Love.

Even with the No.1 pick, this kid is the steal of the draft and time will prove that he was the best of his class.

#3 The New York Knicks Will Do Something Stupid

Phil Jackson will give conspiracy theorists another reason to believe that he came to New York on a seek and destroy mission.

Since his arrival, Jackson has corroded the Knicks from within.

Even with a deep draft, Jackson will lose his mind and create a situation that will leave more questions than answers.

#2 The Celtics Will Get Their Man After All

The Celtics have had their eye on Duke SF Jayson Tatum throughout this entire process. By trading the No.1 pick, Boston gets the most complimentary player in the pool for their squad along with future draft equity.

GM Danny Ainge played this scenario well.

#1 De’Aaron Fox Will Fall

Despite having All-Star  potential, Fox has a few glaring holes in his games and GMs are taking notice.  For one, his jumper needs a lot of work. For two, his feet tend to slip in transition which at times has put in less-than-favorable positions.

He won’t fall out of the Top 10, but this guess is that he won’t be a Top 5 pick.

The end game is that Fox will get right with NBA coaching and proceed to torture those that slept on him.

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