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DC Uses Trinity to Showcase the Power of Love

One emotion conquers all

LTrinity Vol 1: Better Togetherove is one of the most powerful emotions. An emotion that villains tend to underestimate.

Trinity Vol. 1: Better Together, writer and artist, Francis Manapul and artists Emanuela Lupacchino, Clay Mann and Ray McCarthy take DC’s Trinity on a journey that showcases the power of emotion.

Throughout the Trinity Rebirth series, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman explore their emotions through different scenarios. Batman wants to prevent the death of his parents.

Superman wants to help out his adoptive father Pa Kent. Wonder Woman wants to return to Themyscira.

Throughout the series each character was pinned down by the Black Mercy. The Black Mercy is a plant that can attach to any person and provide them with simulated dreams that bring them pleasure while it slowly kills the wearer. Mongul planted the Black Mercy on them at the wrong time because the Trinity were not united yet.

They had been together on missions with the Justice League, but both Wonder Woman and Batman did not trust the new Superman. Superman wanted to work alone instead of join the team.

Through this attack, they learn that they work better as a team instead of individually. The twisted visions they saw allowed them to love life the way it is instead of how it could have been. Mongul’s daughter, White Mercy suddenly sees that it is not hate and anger that will win in the end, it is love.

White Mercy believed that human emotions were a weakness. She believes that is what caused the Trinity to lose to Mongul. After witnessing their compassion, heartbreaks and triumphs, White Mercy understood what it meant to be human. She understood the human experience. White Mercy grew up only knowing pain and disdain, fueled by her father and his teachings.

This volume really focuses on human emotions, especially love, and how those emotions define the heroes in their lives.

Through the eyes of White Mercy, readers can experience human emotion in different ways and really connect with the Trinity.

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