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Review: Aquaman #25 Underworld Part One

Title: Aquaman #25aquaman-25-1

Publisher: DC Comics

Author: Dan Abnett

Art: Stejpan Sejic

Story Rating: 8.5

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 9.5

Aquaman #25 is an interesting new take on Aquaman. The King of Atlantis has lost his kingdom and must now use darker tactics in order to get it back. Meanwhile, King Corum Wrath has made some new policies that he believes will make Atlantis “Great Again.”

Arthur Curry lost his kingdom in the last issue. This issue doesn’t seem to take place in a time jump, so it is confusing when people refer to Aquaman as some sort of myth. He was the former King of Atlantis, and Atlantis should know who he is. It was also strange that Mera was comatose before trying to look for her husband.

It was interesting to see Arthur use tactics similar to Batman. Instead of fighting face to face, Arthur hid his face and used the fish to take down the corrupt guards. The artwork for this issue was amazing. Stejpan Sejic does a great job balancing the action in the ocean and everything that is going on in the lighthouse. The ocean is dark and shaded in blue while the land and the lighthouse is shaded in yellow and has more light and color.

Dan Abnett does a great job continuing the story of Arthur Curry. Of course this story has political connections to America at the moment. Both America and Atlantis have a ruler that wants to purify the land they rule over. They are both not liked by many but have some supporters. And they both have policies that are harsh and should probably be illegal. Story wise, it is really interesting to see Atlantis in a position similar to America. Readers will want to continue reading the Aquaman series to see what happens next.

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