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GUHHATL War Between Reginae and Brandon Rages On

This one is not over yet

On the latest episode of GUHHATL, the cast, including Brandon Barnes, sits down for Reginae Carter‘s birthday dinner. Everyone knows that Brandon isn’t exactly one of her favorite people. So, it’s no surprise when the two engage in another battle at the dinner table. Which escalated when other people got involved.

The dinner begins with Reginae, Zonnique Pullins, Bow Wow, Shaniah Mauldin, all sitting down and talking at the table. Next thing you know, in here comes Brandon walking in with his cousin Ayana Fite. Right off the bat, the tension is obvious when, when everyone is greeting each other and Reginae “curves” Brandon’s attempt for a hug. After everyone sits down, Reginae starts off the conversation by asking Brandon if he’s trying to come to her party.

All Reginae is looking for is an apology from Brandon for disrespecting her and her father. Unfortunately, he couldn’t even give her a piece of an apology. And to make matters worse, he repeats statements like “I could have helped your father’s career” which clearly angers Reginae.

Furious, she runs off to get her mother and cousins, who are waiting in a suite of the hotel that the dinner is taking place. And when she comes back down, they go after Brandon together. Starting with her mother Toya Wright, who starts yelling at him, while Reginae’s cousins are just itching for a chance to jump him. Unfortunately, the scene ends before we get to see if anything gets resolved verbally, or through brawling.

The most interesting thing about this show is Reginae’s behavior. Not saying that Brandon isn’t all the way wrong. However, public perception of her prior to the show was that she’s a smart, responsible, drama free young lady. Who knows how to conduct herself. But on this show, she seems like a spoiled brat with a smart mouth, who’s immature. Maybe it’s the show, maybe’s the way she really is and the public has been shielded from her true personality.

Now she’s 18-years-old and going off to college soon, so the world will be watching.

WATCH: Reginae Carter and Brandon Barnes Go at It

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