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Review: The Evolution of Imagine Dragons

The band that keeps getting better

The Grammy Award-winning alternative rock group Imagine Dragons just released their new Evolve. The Las Vegas natives took the music world by storm with their debut album Night Visions, which was released in 2012.

imaginedragonsevolevcoverSince then, they have continued to gain more and more success, becoming one of the leading faces of Alternative Rock.

Evolve cements Imagine Dragons as the best Alternative Rock band around. This album highlights the band’s versatility, while still staying true to their roots. Evolve shows a new side of the band, as many of the songs combine sounds from other genres of music.

Take the first song of the album, “I Don’t Know Why.” It has a very hip-hop like sound combined with their signature sound, making it one of the best on the album. Imagine Dragons sound is unique, being one no other band can quite capture. Evolve is packed full of intense, powerful songs. They empower, make you want to scream along to them, and show the true depth of the band’s talent.

“Rise Up” and “Walking The Wire” stay very true to Imagine Dragons’ style. They possess a larger than life sound that is truly stadium-sized.

“Yesterday” takes on a very light-hearted, funky sound that is different than typical for Imagine Dragons. It falls in the middle of the track-list and sets up a transition into the rest of the collection which displays their evolution.

“Thunder” is a pop-rock finger-snapper while album-closer “Dancing In The Dark”  is incredibly soulful. It’s got a calmness to it, having a much more mellow sound than what the rest of the album.

Evolve is without a doubt Imagine Dragons best album to date, truly showing they are a band that only continues to get better. With Evolve, fans have been given an exciting peek into the future of Imagine Dragons music, and it’s so good.

Rating: 4/5

Stream: Evolve on Spotify

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