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Video: Dior Homme Crushes Paris Fashion Week

Dior Homme married the past with the future

The smell of fresh grass permeated the air at Dior Homme Men’s Spring 2018 runway show on Saturday.  Beyond the designs that dominated the runway, the  manicured lawn that was underfoot indoors was the star of the event as actors such as Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Lucas Hedges and ballet dancer Marie-Agnès Gillot all took notice of it.

There was a heavy police presence outside the venue due to Olympic-related events providing a stark contrast to the artistic hue indoors.

Paris was definitely humming as the house’s artistic director Kris Van Asshe told Vogue before the show that it’s about gluing the past together with the future.

“The energy of youth is appealing to me as a forty-something,” he said. “The first chunk of the collection is about the DNA of Dior, which is the black suit and the white shirt. How do I go about it, how do I reinvent it, make it for the future, and deconstruct it? There’s a lot being said about the suit being over, but I’m totally convinced it’s not. It’s just a question of making the right proposals.”

Watch: Dior Homme Crushes Paris Fashion Week

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