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Cam Newton Says His Life is Missing One Thing

Cam dishes out life lessons

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has a future as a motivational speaker ahead of him once he’s done with this football thing.

During his fifth annual 7-on-7 football tournament at Providence Day School in North Carolina, Newton dished out life lessons to the assembled group of prospects.

In quotes hat appeared in the Charlotte Observer, Newton shared what he feels will make his life complete.

“I’m looking at my life right now and I’m saying, ‘I’m missing one thing: I want a Super Bowl,” Newton said. “Yeah, but it’s really certain things that you have to really fine-tune and say, ‘Am I deserving to be a Super Bowl-winning quarterback? How can I push myself to be a better me?”

The face of his franchise moved on to state that taking risks has its own reward.

“The only way I put myself in this situation to be successful was I didn’t have no plan B,” Newton said. “I told myself, at the end of the day, I’m gonna be a football player and a football player only.”

“And a lot of guys get it misconstrued because you’re setting yourself up for failure; that’s what some people think. But in myself I was thinking, ‘I ain’t got no other alternative. Either I’m gonna dominate this man in front of me or not.”

Not to dilute his message in any way, Newton was gifted a special set of DNA that provided him with the physical tools to match his win or die mindset.

The challenge for many that will take in his message is that they may be too small, to slow or too weak to be viewed as  winners at the next level.

The pendulum swings both ways as there are plenty of gifted kids out there who take their skill set for granted and grow entitled and lazy.

Thankfully Newton is pushing the value of work, work and more work as some will need that message more than others.

The problem for Newton and the Panthers is that they are in a division with an Atlanta Falcons team that has gotten better defensively and a Tampa Bay Buccaneers group that has loaded up their pantry with an arsenal of new offensive weapons.

That Super Bowl ring will be harder to obtain than many may think.

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