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Review: 311 Shows Out on Mosaic

311 hits their stride on LP number 12

311 recently released their 12th, yes, 12th studio album. Mosaic takes everything they’ve done well so far, and turned it into one giant old school and new school mashup.

Listeners get to experience a potpourri of audio that ranges from rock to rap to reggae. Since 1990 they’ve been one of the most consistent bands in alternative rock.

311Their longevity gives them a cushion to produce albums at a leisurely pace and their fanbase continues to be there for it.

Mosaic starts off with “Too Much to Think” which celebrates their rastafied rock tradition. The summer anthem is relaxed and inspired by chill times and THC.

Mosaic’s various elements end up mixing  together like a good cocktail. Some bands try to and fail at incorporating different genres on one album.

311’s leg up is that they’ve been doing this for three decades.They know the business and know what people expect from them. The first third of Mosaic is rooted in southern reggae.

Starting with the fifth track“Perfect Mistake,” 311’s punkier side begins to peek through.

The Nebraska band has a history of creating impressive rock anthems.  The winning streak continues as “Face in the Wind” is an absolute standout. It’s harsh approach will kill concert halls as they tour behind this record.

Like the Beastie Boys, 311 can switch between aggressive rock and rap with ease. The combination doesn’t feel forced or awkward. The production on this album displays that this album was titled accurately.

The last third of the album goes back and forth between reggae and rock. Mosaic concludes with “On a Roll.” It’s a little bit reminiscent of 2004’s “Love Song.”

There’s something about knowing that a band hasn’t forgotten where they came from or the sound that made them famous. It’s a smart move on 311’s part and it paid off.`

Rating: 4/5

Stream: 311 Mosaic



  1. AceDawg

    June 26, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Such a fresh album. It was shocking to hear how sharp and energetic 311 still is. This one has 90’s energy but lots of newness.

    • Brook Barnes

      July 7, 2017 at 4:51 pm

      I know! I was pleasantly surprised by that too. It’s awesome that after all of these years they can still produce an album that’ll stick with you like this.

    • I've Had Enough

      July 14, 2017 at 11:30 pm

      Yea awesome album, loved Stereolithic too just as much!

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