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Tamar Braxton Reveals Music Video for ‘My Man’

Surprise! Tamar Braxton has recently dropped the music video to her popular single “My Man”.

The video is all Tamar. It’s basically what would happen if Tamar ever caught her man with another woman. And it isn’t pretty, at least for the other woman. Her driver pulls up to the hotel where her dude is hiding out. Like a boss, Tamar walks up to the front desk, bribes the key out of the attendant, and proceeds to ole boy’s room.

Right before she gets to the door and open’s it, dude feeds her a lie, via text, that he’s working late in the office. And when she catches an attitude in her response text, he has the nerve to say that she “trippin” and he just trying to provide for them. All the while laid up, half-naked with this other woman. Chris Brown was too correct when he said, “These h*es ain’t loyal.”

Forget a “Do Not Disturb” sign, especially when you have the key. So, when Tamar opens the door, he’s still in the bed and the girl is the bathroom, unexpectedly staring at herself in the mirror. Now the way the hotel room is set up, the bathroom is right by the front door, before you get into the room. Tamar sees the girl, grabs the back of her head and pushes her into the sink. And since it’s Tamar it has to be dramatic, so she yells out, “Not my man, B*tch!”, and continues with “You really, really tried it!”

She proceeds to him, still in the bed looking dumb. He tries to get up when she yells, “What in the H*ll is going on here?” And when he raises up, Tamar pushes him back down and say, “Get you a*ss up out my face. Don’t you ever run up on me like that.”

Let’s take a pause for a second for all of the young ladies out there who watch this music video. Just to be clear this is a fictional video. Yes, Tamar is really that outspoken, and maybe a little crazy. But that dude is big and muscular. And he really can hurt her or overpower her if he wanted to. Ladies, don’t ever put your hands on a man. It’s not right, and more importantly, it puts your safety in danger. Never let your emotions jeopardize your life. Also, women can go to jail for domestic violence too. Nowadays, the cops will take yo

Also, women can go to jail for domestic violence too. Nowadays, the cops will take you both to jail. However, he has a witness on his side, who Tamar just smashed into a bathroom sink. Add it all up and equals him and her still laying in the bed, while you’re laying in a jail cell. Just to be clear.

As Tamar starts to leave, she spots her coat that he gave the other woman. Snatches it, yells about it, puts it on, and leaves. He goes to console the woman who is now on the bathroom floor crying. While Tamar gets back into her car because she has a driver waiting on her.

If you keep up with Braxton Family Values then you know that the inspiration for the song is her parent’s divorce. Her father, Michael Braxton Sr. cheated on her mother, Evelyn Braxton, with a family friend for nine years before being caught. He almost immediately married his mistress after the divorce.

It’s a great video. Almost like watching a mini-movie. A little too dramatic, but Tamar fans or Tamartians expect that from her.

WATCH: Tamar Braxton’s Music Video for “My Man”

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  1. Tucker Marlene

    July 19, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    Catch my mane with my friend and my coat 🥄🥄🥄🍵🍵🍵🍵

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