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Top 11 NBA Free Agents in 2017

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NBA free agency is right around the corner, but who are the top targets that teams will set their sites on this offseason? These players will be the biggest free agents that multiple teams will try to sign once the free agency period begins. And why stop at 10 players? Giving 110 percent is what athletes are told to do, so 11 players it is

Players can agree to contracts starting on Saturday, July 1, but cannot officially sign free agents until the following Friday, July 7.

Dirk Nowitzki

Not the sexiest player in free agency, but Dallas refused to pick up his option for 2017-18. Nowitzki, 39, can still play and might sign a lesser deal to stay in Dallas. If he decides to go elsewhere, his services are still warranted and he has the ability to help teams with his veteran leadership.

J.J. Redick

Redick came into the NBA and took a few years to really shine at the professional level. But he has become a mainstay on the perimeter for the Clippers over the past three seasons. Redick is a career 41.5 percent three-point shooter that stretches defenses and opens up the inside. He does enough to help a team and has the ability to join any team this offseason and make them dangerous.

Serge Ibaka

The post player that has elevated his mid-range game and added a three-point shot to surprise teams is available and many teams should make an offer. Could he rejoin the Thunder? It is highly unlikely, but his presence on the defensive end alone is a plus. Blocks on defense and mid-range jumpers and thunderous dunks on offense make him an appealing choice.

Andre Iguodala

Iguodala has been a player that can pitch in at any point of a game, and has won two titles with the Golden State Warriors. While Golden State has two players they are more worried about in Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, Iguodala might move to a different pasture.

Kyle Lowry

Lowry has averaged 14.3 points and 5.8 assists over his career but has averaged almost 22 points per game over the past two seasons. The Raptors may try to sign him to a mega-deal, but no one in Toronto is going out of their way to keep him there. The guard might be one of the first pieces to fall in free agency, and Minnesota is a possible destination. If he signs with the Timberwolves, he and Jimmy Butler could do big things together.

Paul Millsap

The most games Millsap has missed in a season is 18 (2011-12), so he is consistently on the floor for his team. He averages double-figure points most seasons and is good for at least seven rebounds per game. Millsap’s game translated well from college to the NBA, and he will help whatever team signs him in free agency.

Blake Griffin

Griffin opted out of his contract with the Clippers and is now looking for employment. The only thing that will keep him unemployed is the fight between teams wanting to sign him. He is a liability at the free throw line and his mid-range game needs a lot of work. But, Griffin is a monster on the glass and when throwing down his vicious, rim-rattling dunks. This is one of the biggest free agents on the market this season, and he will get paid.

Chris Paul

Another Clippers player, another player that opted out of his contract with LA. The Clippers are going to become the second best NBA team in Los Angeles this season, and Paul may be headed to the Spurs. He still has plenty left in the tank and the Spurs need a guard to help distribute the ball. While San Antonio is not guaranteed to sign Paul, it might be the best fit.

Kevin Durant

There is not much to say here other than Durant won his first career championship this past season, and might take less money to keep the Warriors‘ core together for years to come. No hope for a reunion with Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City, so quit asking for one, Thunder fans. Re-signing with the Warriors is the move that will probably happen for Durant.

Stephen Curry

If not for the next player, Curry would be the biggest on this list. His dribbling and shooting are out of this world and he can hit from half court on a step-back three-point shot. Those two things alone will get him a max contract somewhere, but the Bay Area is where Curry will stay. Or will he?

Gordon Hayward

Hayward is the top of the list because of the amount of publicity he will get in free agency. More than Curry or Durant will receive because of money, the 6-foot-8 player will have a big impact on the market. If Boston has their way, he will be wearing Irish green and catching passes from Isaiah Thomas. While he is the top name in free agency, he may not be the first domino to fall.

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