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Video: Best of BET Awards Drama

It went down and it was ugly

A lot of the moments surrounding the BET Awards were anything but uplifting.

New Jersey rapper turned media personality Joe Budden nearly boxed each member of The Migos. The Migos and singer Chris Brown had a issue at a after-party.

A$AP Rocky was attacked during a pre-show birthday celebration for Kendrick Lamar. Lil Yachty had a choice phrase for  Budden in the wake of the Migos flare-up.

In summary, despite Michelle Obama’s kind words for Chance the Rapper and Cardi B’s victory lap, the 2017 BET Awards will be remembered more for the f**kery that enveloped the event than anything else.

Watch: Joe Budden Nearly Throw Down With The Migos

Watch: A$AP Rocky Get Sucked Into Brawl

Watch: Things Get Tense With Chris Brown and the Migos

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