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Column: Mixing Luxury and Fast Fashion isn’t Taboo

The Serial Shopper

There are a lot of opinions about mixing affordable, fast fashion with luxury, but is it really taboo?

In the world of fashion, trends are fly by night. Each season, there are different pieces that everyone falls in love with and flocks to buy as soon as they are available. Unfortunately, by the next season, some of those pieces have lost their luster, and we might have a  little bit of buyers remorse.

Investing in luxury fashion is a very delicate matter because let us be honest; coins are not easy to come by for everyone. So this brings up the question; Is mixing luxury fashion with fast fashion taboo? There seems to be a split between the millennials and those of older generations over whether mixing price points is kosher.

Owning luxury fashion pieces is something many aspire to, and that is a great thing. It keeps people engaged in the classic brands we all know and love. That being said, not every piece is a classic piece. The $500 slides you bought to lounge around in may not be worth what you bought them for in a matter of months.

To many, who work very hard for their money, making a luxury purchase is more than just a fashion statement, it is an investment. Taking the time to carefully chose pieces that are timeless, have a high resale value, or can become an heirloom are what matters in the current economy.

Luxury is not attainable by all, and it will never be attainable by all, but why should there be a stigma against those who save up their hard earned money to buy something as beautiful as a Chanel bag because they choose to pair it with an $80 dress from somewhere like ASOS or Zara?

A genuine test of real style is the ability to be able to take beautiful clothing whether it is old, cheap, used, or extremely expensive and pair them in a way that makes anyone in the room you walk in envious of your outfit. As fashion moves forward and younger people become involved in the world of luxury, there should be a standard of what is worth the money, and what can be bought for less. Building the perfect closet isn’t about quantity, it is about quality.

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