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Lamar Odom Gets Explosive With Wendy Williams

Odom put all of his cards on the table

Before he was married to Khloé KardashianLamar Odom was a successful NBA player who was known for being with Miami HeatLos Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks. Unfortunately, he’s now known as the ex-husband of Khloé and a fallen, drug addicted athlete. Lamar recently sat down with Wendy Williams to give the talk show host an all-access pass to his life.

Wendy starts off with a short period of small talk about a good deed that Lamar did for her back in the day. And she quickly mentioned his two kids. However, she gets serious when she starts discussing his marriage to Khloé. We all know the story of how they met. If you literally keep up with the Kardashians, that Lamar and Khloé met a party thrown by Ron Artest. They dated for a month, got engaged, and then married 30 days later. So Wendy could’ve skipped that part.

She brought up the incident of Lamar being found unconscious at a brothel in Las Vegas. The same incident that led to his coma.  Lamar claims that he did not do any drugs that day, and thinks that it was a sign from God. He also says that there were only two women in the room, and he did not have sex with them. However, Wendy was quick to point out that the toxicology report stated that he had cocaine in his system. Obviously, she brought it up in a way to say that he’s lying.

Anyone who has done drugs, like Miss Wendy and Lamar, should know that they can still be detected in your body days after consumption. For cocaine, it usually takes 2-4 days to leave the system. If the person is a chronic user, then it could take up 10 12 days. So, Lamar could have partaken in cocaine a day or two before, and still had it in his system for the toxicology report to pick up. Just saying.

They also talked about Lamar’s friend Jamie Sangouthai, who died from using heroin. Reports say that he overdosed, but Lamar says he died from a flesh-eating disease as a result of using heroin. Jamie was Lamar’s  best friend, and a major factor in his drug addiction.

When talking about Lamar’s drug usage, he told Wendy that he would get high before the cameramen came around and after they left. No one in the Kardashian family besides Khloé knew about his addiction. Wendy tried to insinuate that she was probably an enabler. But Lamar clears things up by saying that he was a grown wealthy man, who could’ve gotten whatever he wanted at any moment. So, there was nothing that she could’ve done to stop him.

Wendy ended things by giving him a gift; a basketball with a few words of encouragement. Through the whole process, Lamar was as open as could be. He appeared to be speaking honestly at all time, but also respectful. The important thing is that he’s sober now. He plans on pursuing a career as an NBA coach in the future.

WATCH: Lamar Odon’s Interview on The Wendy Williams Show

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