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Jerrod Carmichael Nixes The Carmichael Show

Show’s namesake bids adieu

Controversy courts comedy and in these situations, the brightest titles tend to flame out for one reason or another.

Take for example the lauded The Carmichael Show. The show took a common-sense approach to some of the most uncomfortable topics of our time.

The sitcom is a jewel because it doesn’’t sidestep the grit that life bestows upon us yet it is funny, kind and compassionate.

Like the more aggressive Boondocks before it, the focal point of the series’ micro-community has to decided to call it a day.

Star/ co-creator Jerrod Carmichael told Variety in a statement that he’s moving on at the end of the current third and final season.

“For three seasons (okay 2.5), I got to make a show that I love with my friends,” Carmichael said in a statement released to Variety. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was 13. Now, I’m excited to go make other things that I love. Thank you to every person who worked on or watched the Carmichael show.”

NBC, the network that aired the show stands behind the legacy that it leaves behind.

“We are enormously proud of The Carmichael Show and Jerrod’s talent and vision to do a classic family sitcom that also taps into issues and relevant stories from the real world. We thank and salute the cast, crew, and producers — and especially Jerrod — for three critically-acclaimed seasons,” said NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt and NBC entertainment president, Jennifer Salke.

20th Century Fox, the production company behind the venture is also happy with what has been left behind in it’s wake.

“The Carmichael Show was such a wonderful show that we choose to focus today not on its loss but on the three incredible seasons we had the pleasure to produce,” said 20th Century Fox Television presidents, Jonnie Davis and Howard Kurtzman.

“We are thankful to the brilliant Jerrod Carmichael and his talented cast, and to showrunner Danielle Sanchez-Witzel, our fantastic writers and devoted production team. It’s a rarity that a comedy series tackles the social and political issues of the day in such a clever and hilariously funny way. This show was special, and we will miss it.”

That we will.

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