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Review: Low Cut Connie Gets Weird For Dirty Water

Rock strikes back

Rock n’ roll is not dead. Quite the contrary, one look at Low Cut Connie’s new music video for “Dirty Water” would have anyone saying it’s alive and well.

The popular Philadelphia-based band has been gaining a lot of buzz following the release of their newest album, Dirty Pictures (Part 1), which is a must-hear for any true rock fan.

The video for “Dirty Water” was dropped June 26, and has been wearing out replay buttons left and right. Directed by frontman, Adam Weiner, the video has a great retro vibe, with grainy, lo-fi shots mixed in with more crisp footage of the band performing the song. It’s clear a lot of fun was had during the creative process, with the band giving the performance their all, and the actors are having the time of their lives. It all translates perfectly with each and every view.

“We got weird for a weekend in Philadelphia, the birthplace of America…and the result is this video,” said Adam in the video description. “There were leotards and shot glasses and wild maneuvers of all kinds. God bless these wonderful performers for their touching vulnerability and vicious humor.”

The song itself has a super-catchy tune that would have even the biggest stick-in-the-mud tapping their foot or dancing in their seat. The song also features a wonderfully trippy guitar solo that distorts as it fades and acts as a transition to the latter half of the song. Not to mention Weiner’s solid vocals and fun, witty lyrics, this piano-driven jam is not to be missed.

Low Cut Connie is definitely a band to watch out for. Their new album, Dirty Pictures (Part 1) landed them a sweet spot on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums of 2017 So Far list. They also made Barack Obama’s summer playlist back in 2015, which is definitely an impressive feat.

Rating: 5/5


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