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Review: Stone Sour Releases Hydrograd

Stone Sour stays true to their sound

Stone Sour was formed in 1992 by Corey Taylor, who went on to become the lead vocalist of Slipknot. The band released three demo tapes between 1992 and 1997, when they went on hiatus. The band came back in 2002 to release their self titled album, Stone Sour, and have been making music together ever since.

stone sourStone Sour has been nominated for three Grammy Awards and won the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Best International Band award in 2013. They just released the album, Hydrograd, their first since 2013.

Hydrograd sticks to the band’s heavy metal, alternative rock sound. Many of the tracks combine the signature metal style of both singing and screaming, with heavy guitar riffs and intense drums.

The title track, “Hydrograd,” has an incredible guitar solo toward the end of the song that shows Christian Martucci’s amazing talent. “Thank God It’s Over” is a little less heavy, taking a more alternative rock sound.

This track, too, has an unbelievable guitar solo that solidifies the band’s identity as a great rock band. “St. Marie” is a slow song.

It’s a little different than the rest of the album, but definitely one of the best tracks. The lyrics are beautifully written and show the true depth and range of Stone Sour’s music.

Hydrograd is a true rock album that was worth the four year wait since the band’s last album.

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