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Kodak Black’s Mental Distortion

Rapper Kodak Black is no stranger to controversy, but his recent comments about black women are not only highly unhinged, but they are also disturbingly sad.

Earlier this week in an Instagram Live session, rapper Kodack Black made some extreme comments about black women. When asked by a fan if he would date singer/actress Keke Palmer the rapper replied:

“I’d bag her, but I don’t really like Black girls like that, sorta kinda”

He also went on to say that he would ‘clap back’ at anyone coming for him in his comments section whether they be male or female. After all of that talking about how he would clap back at anyone coming for him, he subsequently deleted his social media accounts only to pop back up a few days later.

His removal of his social media platforms prompted radio host Charlamagne Tha God to dub him “Donkey of the Day” in one of his segments on The Breakfast Club.

When Kodack finally resurfaced for a charity basketball game in New Orleans organized by Master P. for his organization Team Hope Nola, which raises scholarships for the youth of the city, Chaney TV caught up with him and again asked him if he liked black women where he went on to say:

“I love African American women, I just don’t like women with my complexion. Black people, we too gutter. Light skinned women are more sensitive. We can break them down easier.”

Now, after all of that being said, there are several things that need to be addressed about the poor and distorted rapper, Kodak Black.

#1 Gremlins Shouldn’t Be Fed After Dark

Let’s be clear, if he weren’t in the music industry, women of any race or color would not subject themselves to making eye contact with him.  A vision of terror with hair that looks as though pre-historic arachnids decided to make a nest, Kodack Black owns the facial features of a shriveled reptilian hybrid.  This semi-human atrocity really should not have the audacity to expel anyone that is willing to take pity on him and bless him with affection.

#2  Take The ‘L’

If you are going to double down on an issue, stick with it. Grow a pair, don’t delete your whole account, it just makes you look weak.

#3 Self-Hatred is a Personal Problem

He said in his own words that he hates his own complexion and that ‘black people are gutter’ and ‘light skinned girls are more sensitive.’ These comments clearly evoke his emotions toward himself and the people he has personally been exposed.

That being said, because you have a personal problem with the darker complected people that you have grown up with, do not dare try to separate black women into your own modern era ‘paper bag test’ in order to feed your own ego. YOU may be ‘gutter,’ but black women are not.

Some of the most beautiful and highly educated women in the world are dark or brown skinned women ( Michelle Obama, Oprah, Serena Williams, etc) so to say dark skinned people are gutter is a personal reflection of himself.  Someone should ask him the question “Is your mother ‘gutter’ too?”  Because last time we checked, you cannot be as dark as he is without at least one of your parents being dark skinned. His answer would be entirely different.

A man who has been afforded so many opportunities ( he was just released from jail), who has led a tumultuous and fast-paced track of destruction which he is still paying the consequences for, ( he is facing sexual assault charges in South Carolina) is in extreme need of a reality check.

It is clear from his words, as well as his actions, Kodack has an overall lack of respect not just for black women, but women in general. He seems to be looking for a more submissive woman, from his comments about lighter skinned women being ‘broken down more easily.’

What Kodak doesn’t realize is that women, no matter what color, should only be submissive if they want to, and more importantly to a strong man who deserves that privilege.

The male ego is in a state of turmoil in recent times as women are continuing to thrive and hold their own in the world, in the workplace, and within relationships. Men who have this notion that women should be submissive when they have been raised by strong women have a severe lack of positive male influences in their lives if they are ‘put off’ or ‘scared’ by a woman who can hold her own.

Let us hope that this situation and Kodak’s ongoing legal battles can teach him lessons in humility as well as adulthood.

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