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Review: The Flash #25 Running Scared Pt. 1

The Flash #25 starts at the Flash Museum

the-flash-25-1-600x923Title: Flash #25 Running Scared Part 1

Publisher: DC Comics

Author: Joshua Williamson

Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Story Rating: 9

Art Rating: 10

Color Rating: 10 

Overall Rating: 9.5

The Flash #25 starts at the Flash Museum in the 25th Century. An unknown voice is saying how The Flash was idolized by many. The voice then mentions how it is funny that you think you know someone after watching them from afar, but the truth is you only know the man behind the mask.

After The Flash museum, readers see Barry Allen getting on the cosmic treadmill to chase Reverse Flash after the events of Flash #24. Readers get a flashback to when Barry Allen first met Eobard Thawne before he became Reverse Flash. Eobard Thawne is seen to be the Flash of the 25th Century and a huge fan of Barry Allen’s. Eobard’s origin is retconned so that he got his powers from the residue from one of Barry’s old suits.

Barry soon realizes that Eobard puts people in harm’s way only to save them right before they get hurt. Eobard is locked away but Barry revealed that the next time he saw Eobard was when Eobard became the Reverse Flash. It is explained how Reverse Flash killed Barry’s mother, and has a deep and unexplained hatred for Flash.

In the present, Flash arrives at the 25th century only to see it more dark and dangerous than the last time he visited. He eventually enters the Flash Museum only to find Iris trapped and Eobard Thawne waiting for him. The Flash battles him for a little bit but loses which gives time for Eobard to reveal what truly happened. Eobard reveals that he chose the colors of yellow and red because that is what all partners of the Flash wore. When Eobard rehabilitated himself after being locked up the first time, he put on his new costume and got on the cosmic treadmill. He traveled to a time when Barry gave the original Wally West a watch that said “Every Second was a Gift”.

Eobard felt betrayed that Barry had a new partner. Barry told Eobard the same thing inscribed on Wally’s watch. Eobard thought that was a special moment between them but sees it meant nothing to Barry. Eobard wants Barry to realize that Flash hurts everyone in his life. In the ending moments of the issue, Reverse Flash pulls Barry’s mask off right in front of Iris.

Joshua Williamson is a great writer and continues to prove it with his Flash run. Williamson shows that Flash does have flaws. Barry has not really taken account of the people he has hurt because of that.

The retcon of the Reverse Flash’s origin also is a nice change because it shows how far Barry’s actions have affected people. Williamson is able to explain why the Reverse Flash has a deep hatred for Barry better than just jealousy. The one problem is, it is not explained how Reverse Flash came back after the events of The Button storyline.

Carmine Di Giandomenico does a great job with the artwork for this issue and every Flash issue throughout Rebirth. This issue especially is intriguing because it shows two different futures. Throughout the flashbacks, the future was bright and colorful. In the present tense, the future is darker than before. The contrast between the two really stands out. Both futures are great to look at and see how everything has changed.

Overall, Running Scared Part 1 was a great issue and raises the stakes in what is to come for The Flash.

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