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The NBA Pays Homage to Style and Russell Westbrook

Who would have thought, the NBA, the same league that once frowned upon player’s fashion decisions would eventually create an award dedicated to it? That’s the power of fashion and the importance of social media. For years’ elite players like Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Russell Westbrook have been transforming the image of the league not just on the court but off as well.

Almost, to the point that nobody remembers the severe “dress code” that was established to target individual players from showing up to games wearing street fashion or anything that resembled gang culture. To solve the mystery, the league was targeting Allen Iverson. But, to its surprised the dress code actually, revamp the player’s image in a way that I’m sure even David Stern didn’t foresee. No longer are companies just cutting NBA players shoe deals and fast food commercials checks.

Now, athletes are starring in soft drink commercials, partnering with high-end retailers like Barneys New York for exclusive collections and now can be seen on as many billboards and magazine covers as your favorite hip-hop artist. So, hopefully, you can understand why the NBA Style award is so significant. That being said, no player deserves this award more than Russell Westbrook, who also took home the MVP award. Out of all the players in the league, Westbrook easily takes the most risks with his game and wardrobe.

You don’t secure a record triple-double while hitting buzzer beater shots playing it safe. Nor can you get away wearing zebra print boots without being challenged by the fashion police. With the award show already in the past is it safe to assume that players are taking the summer off to let their style recoup for next season? Think again, from the looks of the NBA Draft photo’s the new class of ballers is looking to give Westbrook and many others some friendly competition in the wardrobe department. Check-out Westbrook full speech from the NBA Awards below!

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