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The Unstoppable Wasp: Brains over Brawn

Nadia Pym won’t be denied

Marvel Comics made an announcement about one of its most interesting characters ever to address the comic book scene. The comic will focus on one of the world’s tiniest heroes who has the biggest heart, Wasp.

The comic will feature Nadia Pym, a character who has a mind of her own as she takes the mantle of Wasp. The character will have a new take on the hero persona that presents an attitude far different from what is considered common in comic book storytelling.

Writer Jeremy Whitley told Marvel the new concepts he would present in “Unstoppable Wasp #8” for the character Nadia Pym.

“She is born and raised in the Red Room where she is forced to train as an assassin and then a mad scientist. She has every right to be a character who is angry and dark. What sets Nadia apart is that she has consciously decided not to be either of those things. Nadia is a bright spot in and often dim and dangerous world.”

Nadia will bring about more of a scientific approach to solutions and not dawning a colorful suit to face henchmen. She will change the trend of your basic hero adventure story and give a new meaning to what it takes to be one of the good guys. As a scientist, Nadia will be seen within a lab creating new inventions to enhance the heroes of tomorrow to ensure the safety of the planet.

Whitley continues to tell Marvel how the female hero will win over the hearts of comic book fans through a new perspective.

“There are characters whose entire arc as both heroes and people are defined by something that happened to them,” points out Whitley. “Nadia is not that person. She rescued herself from her captors and made the choice to get away from that life. She has chosen to embrace her genius and her gifts as a scientist and use those not for the nefarious causes for which she was trained, but to save and change the world.”

The comic book community will follow the struggle of Nadia as her character develops over the course of the Marvel Universe. Nadia steals the show in a place where brains outweighs brawn in every form.

The comic will release on Aug. 2017.

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