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Basketball Wives Star’s Salary Exposed

Former VH1 Basketball Wives cast member, Royce Reed, was recently put on blast by the theJasmineBrand. The entertainment and gossip website recently obtained court documents that show how much she made while filming the show. Royce is an original cast member of Basketball Wives, from when the show was filmed in Miami. She appeared in Seasons 1-4.

According to these documents, Royce earned $5,000 an episode for appearing on the first season. That means that she raked in $45,000 for the entire first season. In season 2 her salary jumped to $10,000 per episode, resulting in $130,000 for the season. Royce received $15,000 an episode for the season 3, which is $180,000 for the season. And 20,000 an episode for the fourth season, totaling $340,000 for that season.


Initially, Royce’s personality and realness made her a fan favorite. Even though, she was judged by the other ladies for being a former NBA cheerleader, who broke the rules and slept with a player. Add that to her wild and crazy ways, and you might see how some people could have the perception that she’s possibly a “hoe”. Over time her shine began to fade. And eventually, she became the “cry baby” of the group. Always being seen crying or complain about her relationship, family, or the other cast members. The only thing she couldn’t complain about was her baby daddy because he put a “gag order” on her before she came on the show.

Royce is the ex-girlfriend to NBA star, Dwight Howard. The former couple have a 9-year-old son together. In the past, there were multiple reports of the two battling each other. Cop calls, lawsuits, custody battles, and child support payments have all been headline topics concerning the two. But now they’ve put all their issues aside and called a truce to co-parent their son.

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