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Review: Tara Dente is Beautiful on The Gleaner

Sweet soothing sounds

There are musical treasures that should never go overlooked.

Tara Dente is an Asbury based singer-songwriter whose sound is absolutely spellbinding. Her second full-length album, The Gleaner was released June 2, 2017, and it is a must-hear. Dente was nominated for an Asbury Music Award in 2014, and in 2016 for Top Female Acoustic Act, and it’s easy to see why with her powerful voice and heartfelt, whimsical stylings.

“Blind Pilot” is a tranquil folk tune that really tugs at the heartstrings. Dente’s voice carries such emotion, which pairs perfectly with the poeticism of her lyrics. Note the addition of the keyboard in the later half of the song, as it adds an interesting, almost uplifting transitional note as the tune comes to an end.

“Sleep Well” is a catchy mid-tempo song reminiscent of a hike through a forest, or a scenic drive with a beautiful skyline. There’s something freeing about its melody, and the drum beat inspires adventure, not to mention some serious finger-picking. It wouldn’t be out of place to find “Sleep Well” embedded in a film score. The song fakes out listeners with a mid-song fade before the awesome continues.

“The Moon” is a calm, rhythmic, beauty of a song with an undeniably uplifting sound. However, there’s a deeper message at play underneath the light-hearted sound and almost story like lyrics. The message Dente tries to convey here is that the truth is always present, even if it only exists in the darkness.

This thought acts as a source of comfort, as the moon represents what is true and “doesn’t judge what you’ve done” despite knowing everything. This could also be viewed as a metaphor for being in touch with emotions. On the flip side, the sun represents societal expectations, caring more for how things should be.

The album also features acoustic versions of “Never Going back to Sleep” and “Sleep Well,” which are lovely additions for listeners who want a change of pace, or just enjoy experiencing songs in different ways.

Rating: 5/5

Stream: Tara Dente The Gleaner

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