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Toonami Announces Hit Anime FLCL Seasons 2 + 3

Cartoon Network’s late-night anime program block, Toonami, has just announced the return of the hit anime FLCL for two new seasons coming in 2018. The show will be complete with original cast and crew and new music by the show’s original composers, The Pillows.

The short-lived, six-episode anime series first made its way to the U.S. in 2003, when it premiered on Adult Swim. It was rerun numerous times in the years that followed. FLCL quickly became a cult classic for its surrealistic plot about Naota Nandaba, a twelve-year-old boy who is dealing with his cusping manhood when he encounters Haruko Haruhara, a pink-haired punk rocker from outer space. After her arrival, strange things begin manifesting themselves out of his forehead.

FLCL is one hell of a ride, touching on a diverse range of everyday conflict that made it a “coming of age” tale, especially for those of us younglings growing up at the time. Ten years later, Toonami would re-run the series from October 2013 – January 2014.

In March 2016, Toonami announced plans to co-produce two new seasons (six episodes a piece) of the classic anime:

FLCL has become an anime classic over the years, yet it has remained vibrant,” said Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, co-founder, president, and CEO of Production I.G. “This new season will capture the hearts of both longtime FLCL fans from around the world and new anime viewers.”

According to a press release from Turner Television, “in the new season of FLCL, many years have passed since Naota and Haruhara Haruko shared their adventure together. Meanwhile, the war between the two entities known as Medical Mechanica and Fraternity rages across the galaxy. Enter Hidomi, a young teenaged girl who believes there is nothing amazing to expect from her average life, until one day when a new teacher named Haruko arrives at her school. Soon enough, Medical Mechanica is attacking her town and Hidomi discovers a secret within her that could save everyone, a secret that only Haruko can unlock.

But why did Haruko return to Earth?
What happened to her Rickenbacker 4001 she left with Naota?
And where did the human-type robot ‘Canti’ go?”

Well, fans will soon have their answers, now that Toonami and Adult Swim has announced the release of FLCL Season 2 + 3 in a new trailer, which debuted at the 2017 Anime Expo.

FLCL Season 2 + 3 features a brand new screenplay from Hideto Iwai, original character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, supervising director Katsuyuki Motohiro, and more.

WATCH: FLCL Season 2 + 3 Reveal Trailer




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