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Column: Acceptance of Androgyny in Men’s Fashion

The Serial Shopper

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Men’s fashion week just ended and, as always, it has left us reflecting on the new styles. However, now more than ever, men’s fashion is making us ponder the question “Will society ever accept androgyny in men’s fashion?”

Over the last few months, there have been a few trends in men’s fashion that have had a lot of people in an uproar. The first being the “Romphim,” essentially a men’s romper, which was designed by a company called ACED design who got the funding for their brand through Kickstarter. ACED design originally had a goal of only 10k for their men’s rompers, and ended up getting over 353k dollars in funding from Kickstarter donations. The designs (seen below) are not only constructed with utility in mind (many zip closures and pockets), but they also come in a variety of colors and prints at a price tag starting at $119.

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When they first hit the scene, Romphim’s were met with ridicule by the general public throughout social media.

Flash forward a month or so, and the New York-based designer Thom Browne debuted an entire collection of androgynous menswear that included skirts and dresses as seen on his Instagram page (below). The designer, who is a master of creating glorious tailored suiting, took a chance at going outside the box.

When asked why he designed the collection he told The Business of Fashion “Why not?”  Over the last week, friends and family have asked me personally what this means for men’s fashion. When I took a moment to think about it myself, I realized it was a turning point.

Although many men I know would never wear a “Romphim”  or the cultured, executively tailored collection of Browne, it makes a statement that Men can still look masculine in skirts. His collection blurs the lines of the bar of what we see as masculine. In the western world, there is too much emphasis on gender and blurring these lines, making these styles more acceptable ultimately helps the overall thought of equality between the sexes as a whole.

Too many people are concerned with what other’s do with their bodies and their clothes that they lose sight of what is really important in society. Even though his collection is not something many American men would wear, those who criticize it cannot deny the beauty of Browne’s work. As the world changes, and as people become more comfortable with clothing being a representation of one’s personality, the lines of gender will continue to be blurred. After all, fashion is art, and art is transformative, it is creative, and it is a representation of self.

So, I will leave you with this, wear what makes you feel fresh AF.

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