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Kandi Burruss Admits the Real Reason Xscape Reunited

Kandi Burruss-Tucker discusses the real reason why her group Xscape reunited while speaking at Essence Festival 2017. Footage captured by entertainment blogger Michelle Brown of StraightFromTheA shows her explaining why they decided to get back together.

After the BET New Edition biopic, The New Edition Story came out, Kandi and her husband Todd were conversing about Xscape doing the same thing. However, a friend of theirs who just so happen to be a producer let them know that one was already in the works by a network. Kandi had her agent contact the network to see if it was true, and it was.

She called Tiny to tell her what was going on and one of her other group members had found out as well. Kandi found out through her attorney that since she’s a public figure, anyone can make a movie about her. Around that time the ladies were not speaking, but this incident brought them back on the same page. It also initiated the discussion that led to Tameka Scott giving Kandi a public apology on Atlanta’s V103 radio station. Which also led to the announcement that the group was back together.

Back in the day, the group broke up after the ladies could not get along. Constant conflict and fighting were a part of their daily lives. Eventually, all the ladies came back except for Kandi. The produced an album with a single that was featured in the ATL film.

In recent months, Xscape has performed at the 2017 BET Awards and the 2017 Essence Festival. There are rumors that they’re working with Mona Scott Young to create a television show or possibly put ou their own biopic.

WATCH: Footage of Kandi Burruss-Tucker Speaking at Essence Festival 2017 Courtesy of StraightFromTheA

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