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Rumored Kardashian Flame Mehgan James Talks Fame

Reality television vixen, Mehgan James, recently appeared on  Hollywood Unlocked. Lately, there have been rumors that the reality tv vixen is dating Rob Kardashian. Mehgan came to discuss her dating status, along with her various jobs on reality tv.

Mehgan has been a cast member Basketball Wives LA, Bad Girls Club, and 50 Cent: The Money and the PowerBut it was her feisty ways on BGC Season 9 that got people to notice her. She was infamous for whopping a** first and taking names later. Then she dabbled on BBW for Season 4 to duke it out with fan favorite Draya Michelle.

In regards to the rumors about her and Rob, they’re not true. According to Mehgan, her friend bought her a pair of Arthur George socks, which Rob is a partner in. She took a picture for IG and tagged Arthur George. Rob “liked” the picture and later the blogs created stories that she was dating him. Mehgan never said anything, but Rob definitely posted online that he wasn’t dating her.

She started out as an intern for MTV and eventually got a job as a production assistant. Her first shot at reality tv was on 50: The Money and the Power, which everyone has since forgotten about. Then she became the star of her season of BGC for fighting almost all the girls. Mehgan continued onto the show’s spin-off, Bad Girls Club All Star Battle.

While on Basketball Wives, she was body shamed for being fat, even though she isn’t fat. Mehgan is Texas thick and got surgery. She had fat taken out of her stomach to put into her butt. But Draya used her to coin the phrase “FUPA” which means “fat upper p*ssy area”. Needless to say, Mehgan didn’t take kindly to that and retaliated by calling Draya all types of whores.

She’s now looking to appear on another reality show. Preferably, a non-urban show that would most likely air on E! or Bravo.

WATCH: Mehgan James’ Interview on Hollywood Unlocked

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