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GUHHATL Kids Revolting Against Parents

On a recent episode of WE Tv’GUHHATL, the parents and their kids seem to not be getting along so well. At least three of the parent-children relationships are not in a good place. And the clash

First up is Bow Wow‘s relationship with his estranged father Alfonso. Daddy Bow Wow has recently been making attempts to see his son, but the 30-year-old rap prodigy is not having it. Hip-Hop music manager, Deb Antney has stepped in to try to facilitate some understanding. However, she realizes that she might have been in over her head when a phone call with Alfonso points towards a relapse.

Alfonso has been battling alcoholism for most of Bow Wow’s life. The disease has caused him to miss out on a lot of major moments in his son’s life. Within the last couple of years, he’s made attempts to reach out. Unfortunately, none of them have been successful.

Now he’s decided to pop-up on Bow Wow at the So So Def Records studio. Producers alert the rapper that his father is on his way and immediately he’s pissed. He reluctantly agrees to sit down with his pops on camera, but he makes no promises that he’ll be willing to hear his dad out. The episode ends with Alfonso entering the studio and Bow Wow losing patience from waiting on his dad to show up.

While Deb is busy stepping into someone else’s relationship with their child, her son, Brandon Barnes, is upset that all roads in his career point toward his mother. In a previous episode, he put on a showcase, but when things started to go wrong Deb took over to put them back on track. She even stole an artist from him. Now his other artists are more concerned with impressing Brandon’s mother than following his direction.

To get back at Deb, Brandon crashes her audition session with fellow cast member Zonnique Pullins. Deb and Zonnique are looking to put together a team for the young singer, but Brandon shows up to give his mother a taste of her own medicine. He precedes to take over the audition and question every word that his mother says. Making mama an irritated Debbie.

Reginae Carter and her mother Toya Wright are also having disagreements about a business partnership that hasn’t even happened yet. Reginae wants to write a mother-daughter book. She thinks it would be simple since her mother is a published author who owns a publishing company. But Toya is concerned that her daughter will not hold up her end of the bargain.

They agree that Toya will consider the idea if Reginae puts together some sort of proposal. During a casual outing, Toya questions her about her progress. However, Reginae hasn’t done squat which angers her mother. Now the argument causes the two to have second thoughts about working together.

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