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Review: 21 Savage Steps Up For His Generation

A solid step forward

21 Savage/ISSA Album/Epic

As one of the leaders of the new school, 21 Savage was charged with dropping one of his generation’s definitive albums.

21 savage issaLike it or not, its go time for the artists that run in this lane of the track.  After a commercial and creative disappointment from a high profile peer, ISSA was given the opportunity to show the world-at-large that these kids have something to say.

Thankfully, 21 Savage came through with a project that sets a new standard for his generation of rappers.

There is plenty of shoot-em-up hedonism to be had.  And as clever as he be when he sprinkles  “ Famous” with his perspective on who really changed in the wake of his success, it’s “Nothin New” that proves that he is one of a select few that is doing this for the right reasons.

It’s not the heaviness of the subject matter that makes it a stand out. In these times, it doesn’t take much to grab a slogan and a situation off of CNN and manipulate it to serve a purpose.

It’s the manner in which 21 Savage intertwines day-to-day southern life with past and present socio-political events that makes “Nothin New” click.

Did the world need the semi-tender yet dirty banger “FaceTime?” Nope. But the swing at pop appeal while staying true to his personal mindset showcases a willingness to experiment.

At the very least “FaceTime” provides a break from the chest-thumping that dominates most of the LP.

Let it be said that this kid can spit and his bars are continuing to develop. As he builds his core skills and continues to push the boundaries on his sound, he’s going to mess around and shock the world with something that will define this period of time.

If ISSA accomplishes one thing, it’s that 21 Savage is not as dismissive as others that just happen to be born around the same time that he was.

And while the beat selection gets monotonous by the time this thing wraps up, it leaves the door open for something special on the next go round.

Rating: 3.75/5

Stream: 21 Savage Issa


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