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Review: Modern Chemistry Gets Real on “Everything in Gold”

Modern ChemistryNew Brunswick based rock band Modern Chemistry released their new album, Everything In Gold , and it is everything it was hyped up to be.

The band has quickly risen in popularity, and it’s easy to see why with their humble origins, high-energy anthems and relatable lyrics.

The album opens up with “Everything in Gold,” a soft, dreamy lead-in track with a simple style guaranteed to get listeners hooked for the long haul.

The dramatic fade in at the beginning meshes perfectly with the clear sound of the guitar as it gradually enters the picture. The vocals are soft and airy, enhancing the already atmospheric energy of the song.

“The Moment” lives up to its namesake. This song literally sounds like what living in the moment feels like. The melody is enticing, capturing the sense of freedom that goes hand in hand with a present state of mind.

There’s also a touch of melancholy, as the song also acknowledges the fact that the real world will “catch up eventually.” This is rather uncommon for songs like this one, but it adds a layer of realness that can’t help but be appreciated. Reality can’t be closed out forever, but living in the moment whenever it’s possible is definitely something that should be strived for.

“Pretty Death” is an intensely wonderful song. Right away listeners are greeted with an explosion of guitar and drums that hit right to the soul. This contrasts well with the softer sound of the verses, making it one rollercoaster of a song. The vocals are spine-tingling, and the lyrics are simply poetic. It’s plain to see that the vocalist is really giving it his all.

“Tripping Over You”  is a love song that is all too relatable. The melody is rife with the bittersweet feelings of loving someone that can’t be had, for whatever reason. The song is soft, conveying the pain of asking someone to leave so that the healing process can truly begin.

It is not lacking in desire by any means, but takes a unique approach on the topic by choosing the self over the muse.

The 11 track album is an absolute treat, and should definitely be approached with fresh ears, an open mind, and the willingness to experience all the emotions while still having a great time.

Rating: 4.8/5

Stream: Modern Chemistry Every In Gold

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