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Teraj Releases Debut “We Got Each Other”

Pop/R&B newcomer Teraj has released his first single “We Got Each Other“. The song is the lead single off his debut album DEFY which is set to come out at the end of the Summer.

“We Got Each Other” is an up-tempo Pop/R&B song that will put a smile on your face and rhythm in your body. The song is fun and sexy, but more importantly, it’s quality music. The dance-worthy track perfectly showcases Teraj’s soulful voice. Especially, towards the end where he plays with his voice and shows off a little.

The inspiration behind the song is all of the support that Teraj has gotten for his music career. Not too long ago this single and his upcoming project were just ideas. However, through the power of the support of others, and his incredible talents, Teraj has been able to bring to life something that he’s always dreamed about. According to him, “The song is about building each other up, fostering a sense of community, and being there for each other no matter what.” It’s his “thank you letter” to all of his supporters.

Teraj is a Miami-born singer-songwriter who is known as a professional model and successful real estate agent. As a model, he has walked numerous runways for top-notch brands, including during New York Fashion Week. His career in real estate has allowed him to make appearances on Bravo’s hit reality show Million Dollar ListingHowever, his roots and passion have always been in music.

Now the Cornell University graduate is putting together an EP title DEFY. It features 8 tracks that he wrote and co-produced, with uplifting songs, edgy beats, and inspiring lyrics stemmed from his own life experiences. The title of the project is a tribute to defying the odds. It’s not every day that a kid from the inner city streets of Miami rises above his circumstances to become an admired, college educated social influencer who can sing, dance, and sell you a property if you need a place to stay.

Teraj’s single “We Each Other Each” is available on all music outlets. His upcoming EP DEFY is set to drop this year on September 8th.

Learn more about Teraj and his music by visiting Connect with him Twitter and Instagram to become a part of his “En’Teraj”.

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