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The Unwavering Spirit of Alaïa’s Couture Comeback

A complete knockout

It had been six years since the last Azzedine Alaïa couture show, yet the runway showed that Alaia’s aesthetic holds strong. 

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The show opened and closed with legendary model Naomi Campbell, who was “adopted” by Alaïa. According to an interview Naomi did with AnOther Magazine, Alaïa took her in to live with him when she was sixteen and starting her modeling career in Paris. Until today, Campbell endearingly refers to him as her “papa.”

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Alaïa’s silhouettes don’t ever stray too far from the body or into the avant-garde realm. They are very much garments made to be worn by the women’s body. The collection features multiple variations of coats and skirts where structured seams are balanced with thin, elegant flares.

Numerous fabrics are presented including shearling, leather, knits, and tulle. The different fabrics are all treated and manipulated with impeccable detail and showcase repeating intricate motifs.

The dresses and coats maintain a clean, sophisticated air that allows for observation and admiration of the textiles.

The Tunisian designer is known for ignoring the rules of the luxury market and the overall fashion industry, reports The Telegraph. He holds to his artistic and brand integrity, and must have a hand in every garment that we see. He does not rush his design process and only shows when he is ready to show.

This personality certainly translates into his creations, as they never directly reflect the happenings of the moment or engage in dialogue with other designers, but rather exist in the timeless world of his brand where Alaïa’s desire and goal is simply to make elegant garments for the female body.

With an admirable brand identity and design process, Alaïa allows us to appreciate his designs without the haziness of glamour, fame, and questionable moral ethics that the industry usually comes with.

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