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Joan Lee: The Mother of All Comics

The Angel of Comics

Joan Lee the wife of Stan Lee and mother of  daughter Joan Celia Lee has passed away. She was ninety-three years of age. She has been with Stan over the decades since the infancy of Marvel Comics. The Marvel Comics Universe has become the forefront of pop culture through the comics and has flourished through the entertainment industry and other business ventures.

Throughout the years Joan has been seen with Stan standing side by side as fans from across the country and the world admire the costumed characters he created so many years ago. Some has known to this day Stan Lee as the godfather of comic books for his universe is vast and the characters arcs can only be noted as iconic. He is responsible for known characters like Spiderman, Captain America, and Black Panther.

 Comic book fans and others mourn over the loss of Joan Lee for she was someone committed to the life of the superhero by supporting others and pushed the initiative to be creative. The world will never forget someone who holds a special place in the comic book community.

Heroes within the pages of a comic or out in the real world will continue to inspire others to become something more beyond ones self. These heroes give people dreams and no matter how big or small near or far we can achieve them through the power of the human spirit. Family and friends that give us the drive to reach our goals are the true heroes.

The greatest superpowers we possess as a people are not how fast or how strong we are but the ability to create, innovate, and design a world beyond our own. The ideas we fathom that push the boundaries of the mind all come from the strength our greatest supporters.

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