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Mo Wilkerson Puts Red Dot on Giants Justin Pugh

Its getting real in the street.

The Battle for New York continues as the city’s football units, the Giants and the Jets continue to send shots at each other.

The rivalry is deep-seeded in the world’s biggest media market so it’s not going away anytime soon.

On Friday, Giants offensive guard Justin Pugh threw more than a little shade at his cross-town enemies.

Jets defensive lineman Mo Wilkerson didn’t take to kindly to the snub. His response on the Twit longer app was more than a little pointed posting ‘lol bro now u got the red dot see you 8/26 [at] MetLife [Stadium].’

Preseason games are typically snoozers but if the starters get a shot at real playing time look for a war to erupt in the trenches as these two fight for pride.

Living well is the best revenge. If Wilkerson is bothered in the slightest bit by the jabs, he should inspire his squad to put “red dots” on the entire league as the Jets have not been a good team for a very long time.

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