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Redskins in Tough Spot with Kirk Cousins

Will Washington ever sign their quarterback?

The Washington Redskins have franchise tagged quarterback Kirk Cousins for the past two seasons and it keeps costing them money. And the franchise tag deadline is closer than it seems in the mirror, with July 17 being the day that a deal needs to be signed by both parties.

If the Redskins and Cousins fail to agree to a long-term deal, the quarterback is set to make $23.9 million this season, according to Jerry Brewer of The Washington Post.

The fact that Washington has failed to sign Cousins after some solid performances the past two to three seasons is baffling. But Cousins knows that he holds the cards, and settling for the 2017 franchise tag is more than enough to him. His stand is an eye-opening one to the NFL and Washington, but might be a formula that more players use going forward.

A long-term deal is often times a double-edged sword to a team and can potentially cost them millions of dollars. In terms of having a franchise quarterback in Cousins, the Redskins should ante up and pay him. While taking a risk on his continued success, the team is not going to have another opportunity to have the talent that they have under center if he were to test free agency.

But it also plays into the conundrum that has become owners overpaying for talent because if they don’t, someone else will. It isn’t a major ideology but contracts in all of professional sports tell a different story.

Cousins says it isn’t about the money, nor has it ever been, as the quarterback told

“If I’m going to build my life based on money shame on me,” Cousins said.  “That’s not where I draw my security from, never should be. My parents didn’t raise me that way. I’m not going to make it about money before franchise tags and I’m not going to make it about money now. I’m going to play, and trust the Lord to provide, protect and to lead. He’ll do what he wants to do regardless of my desires or my plans. He’s going to accomplish his purposes, I’m going to trust him and put my security there and let that lead wherever it leads.”

How much does Cousins mean to Washington? His stats tell the only story that needs to be told.

Kirk Cousins Career Stats
Year Tm G GS QBrec Cmp Att Cmp% Yds TD Int Rate QBR
2012 WAS 3 1 1-0-0 33 48 68.8 466 4 3 101.6 79.0
2013 WAS 5 3 0-3-0 81 155 52.3 854 4 7 58.4 38.8
2014 WAS 6 5 1-4-0 126 204 61.8 1710 10 9 86.4 55.8
2015 WAS 16 16 9-7-0 379 543 69.8 4166 29 11 101.6 71.0
2016* WAS 16 16 8-7-1 406 606 67.0 4917 25 12 97.2 71.7
Care 46 41 19-21-1 1025 1556 65.9 12113 72 42 93.6
Provided by View Original Table
Generated 7/9/2017.
A 19-21 record might seem like an argument against a big contract, but what other options do the Redskins have?

There are not many, especially after losing most of their wide receivers this past offseason.

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