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Girl Disrupted: Sevyn Streeter is More Than a Writer

The spotlight awaits

Sevyn Streeter’s album Girl Disrupted is her first solo album. Streeter is no stranger to the music business though. Having been used to writing hits for other big stars like Chris Brown and Ariana Grande, Streeter knows how the industry works. After her album was put on hold for 18 months Atlantic Records released Girl Disrupted on her 30th birthday.

The first of the 13-track album is “Living” and it has a minute long intro. Streeter spends it speaking about the past year’s adventures both good and bad. She’s letting the listeners know this album incorporates her most personal experiences. The rest of the track is a pop song expressing the ideals of living in the moment without a care.

A standout club banger is track four’s “Anything U Want” features Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign. It’s a very catchy vibe that mixed with enough cocktails will have all members of the bar on the dance floor. It never hurts featuring a veteran like Khalifa on a debut album. His voice is so easily recognized and it brings the song up a notch.

A few others worth mentioning are “Ol Skool” featuring Jeremiah and Dej Loaf and “Soon As I Get Home.” The first is a sexy R&B track about a night with a lover. Streeter’s voice is as smooth as it is needy. She knows what she wants. It’s refreshing hearing a woman sing about sex with no apologies. In the same regard of singers like Rihanna Streeter pulls it off well. “Soon As I Get Home” has a much more pop edge to it. It’s upbeat and a definite girl jam for the car.

Girl Disrupted concludes with an acoustic driven ballad. It wraps the album up nicely. Streeter is a hybrid talent being a great writer and singer. As a debut album Girl Disrupted does a fantastic job of diving right into her life. She promised us on the first track and that is exactly what listeners will get.

It’ll be interesting to see how Streeter chooses to separate herself from other pop and R&B princesses like Rihanna and Ciara. She’s got the writing chops to do it. If she continues to push and fight for her music like she did with Girl Disrupted than it appears she’s got quite the future ahead for herself.

Rating 4/5

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