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Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Reunion Special Recap

Bravo‘s Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Reunion Special has finally aired, and none of the women are holding back. Unfortunately, only the first part was actually shown. The second part will air next week.

Everything kicks off with questions about Karen Huger and her current living situation. Throughout the whole season, the ladies constantly talked about Karen moving out of Potomac. It was actually the joke of the season since they threw financial inquiries, marriage troubles, and other things that they knew nothing about into the pot.

During the season, she claimed that her husband Ray wanted to downsize. However, on the reunion, her story is that she wanted to move closer to her parents in case she needed to take care of them. No one’s calling Karen a liar, but she literally moved 30 minutes away and her parents don’t even live in that area. They stay in Richmond, VA, which is two hours away from her new home.

Let’s lay off the “OG” for a minute to talk about new girl Monique Samuels. Monique is welcomed to the cast as probably the most real woman on the show. Yes, she has no job and lives off her husband. She also has no proper etiquette or home training. But she catches shade really quick and can throw it back ten times harder, which counts a lot more than etiquette classes.

Since day one Gizelle Bryant has been taking shots at Monique, but she pretends like she never had a problem with the girl. Monique proceeds to hold her to every rude thing she’s ever said since the day they met. From making a smart comment about her not having a home to talking trash about her in her own kitchen. But Gizelle brushes it all off as if it’s none of it ever happened. However, if you watch the show that’s typical Gizelle, never taking responsibility for any of her own actions.

Robyn Dixon gets grilled about her sensitive situation with her “who knows what” Juan. Their situation is so complicated that it’s hard to put a title on anything that they’re doing. People forget that she’s a publicist by trade, so naturally, she tries to spin everything to look like their situation is the way it is because that’s how she wants it. When in reality, Juan is the reason why they’re in a “relationship limbo.”

It’s clear that Robyn loves him and wants to be with him. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell what Juan is thinking or how he feels. Even when he’s asked directly, his answers are so ambiguous. Plus, Robyn has been taking blows all season from Ashley Darby who has her nose all up in their business. Ashley is going around telling anyone who will listen about how Juan is seeing other women.

Charisse Jordan and Ashley weren’t asked too many questions about their lives, yet. However, there’s another part coming up soon that will include the men of the show. In the meantime, Gizelle has already shown off her new boyfriend Sherman. And according to her, he has deep pockets and a decent sized eggplant. What more can a girl want, besides diamonds and a Chanel bag?

Anyway, next week will reveal another part to the reunion and another opportunity to see how the ladies really feel. Hopefully, we’ll get some details on Charisse’s divorce and info on the current status of Ashley’s relationship with her husband Michael.

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