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David Bowie’s “Blackstar” Wins South Bank Sky Arts Award

“I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human. I felt very puny as a human. I thought, ‘F*** that. I want to be a superhuman. ‘”

David Bowie certainly ascended to the status of a superhuman in his lifetime. The English singer had an undeniable impact on the music scene as it is known today. With his wild performances, amazing musical talent and unabashed dedication to being himself, David Bowie has certainly earned himself the title of legend. Even in death he continues to inspire countless people with his music, his story and the wisdom he’s passed down. The man may have departed from this world, but his legend lives on.

This is why it almost doesn’t come as a shock that his last studio album Blackstar took home the South Bank Sky Arts award this past Sunday. This award is granted annually to those British artists whose achievements and works have been dubbed as extraordinary.

The South Bank Sky Arts Awards ceremony took place in London’s Savoy Hotel, where Iggy Pop shared some heartfelt words honoring his late friend. He said that Bowie had altered “the game in rock and roll and in popular music,” and reminisced about their time the two “shared digs (apartments)… in London at a beautiful old Victorian house that was looked after by a lady named Mrs. Potter.”

Bowie’s albums continue to garner attention even after his unfortunate passing. Blackstar also won this year’s Mastercard British Album of the Year prize at the UK’s annual BRIT Awards, and will likely continue to garner attention in the future.

Artists like David Bowie leave a lasting impact, and this award is just one more reminder of what it is he achieved. He may not have known where he was going when he began, but it certainly wasn’t boring.

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