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Review: Travis Marsh Draws Line in New Video “Don’t Call Me”

LA based singer-songwriter Travis Marsh doesn’t like to be tied to one genre, and it really shows. His songs combine elements of folk, rock and pop t0 create a sound that represents him as an artist.

Marsh played in various country bands during the few years he lived in Nashville, but that time in his life is over now. After returning home to California, he took the time and energy brought by the transition to further refine his own unique musical style. “Don’t Call Me” is the result of that transformation.

One of a string of singles Marsh plans on releasing, “Don’t Call Me” is a song about a very toxic relationship. It is made very clear that the individual the song is about only shows her love when she’s lonely and in need of someone to support her. This song is for anyone who’s fed up with being used, and through with their time as the eternal rebound.

Combining elements of pop and rock, the song itself is catchy and simple. Leaning on the more light-hearted side of things, “Don’t Call Me” seems to be coming from someone whose mindset is less antagonized by the actions of their partner, but rather someone who has already moved on.

The video is simple, alternating between shots of Marsh and a woman known only as “Crazy” together in bed, what seems to be either the immediate future, or the events leading up to them getting together, and Marsh playing the guitar. The visuals are crisp, bright and overall resulting in a pleasant viewing experience.

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