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Most Annoying Fan Bases in Sports

They are everywhere: in your neighborhood, at the market, at work and even at home. Annoying fans can be found all over the place and you will know who they are. This list of fan bases from the world of sports are the most annoying of them all, for their own reasons. Warning: The videos contained within this article may contain NSFW language and content.

Bruce Yeung-Sports Illustrated

Bruce Yeung-Sports Illustrated

New Orleans Saints

They can be timid to those on the West Coast, but in the South they stand loud and proud. The Drew Brees era has been decent to them as whole, but they have also been through a lot in the form of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Don’t piss them off though, because you may be on the wrong end of a fist-induced nap.

USC Trojans

Yes, college football fans even made the list. Trojans’ fans tend to annoy people with their love for the school’s football team, forgetting that the program has been entrenched in violations, investigations and whatever else you can think of. They like to pick fights in the stands, but the annoyance is taken to a new level when anyone attacks players like Reggie Bush. Lane Kiffin seems to be the only person that even USC fans don’t care for, though.

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