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Fashion Meets Athleticism in Dyne’s NYFW Collection

Dyne goes sporty

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Brevans’ Turns His Models into Modern Day Athletes

Dyne designer, Christopher Brevans, unveiled his Spring 2018 collection for Men’s New York Fashion Week in downtown Manhattan on July 11th. The collection mixed comfort with athleticism and functionality.

Instead of a customary fashion show, Dyne’s collection was shown through a presentation. Male models stood on pedestals frozen in poses. This allowed spectators to walk up to each model and take their time looking at each ensemble.

Models were set up around the perimeter of the room each standing on a white square pedestal. In the middle of the room, three pedestals were pushed together with the Dyne logo on them, and three models stood together in unison.

The collection’s color palette was mostly neutral, consisting mostly of gray, black, blue, and beige. Brevans gave each model a pop of color using vibrant tape which was placed on all different body parts. Some models wore tape across their throats, while others had tape placed on their legs and arms.

Each model’s face was sprayed with a beady liquid, which made their faces look wet and dewy. The body tape and fake facial sweat enhanced the athletic elements Brevans wanted to convey in his presentation.

When an athlete is injured, they will often use tape on their wrists or knees to ease their pain and support their muscles. Dyne’s designer used a similar kind of tape so that the male models appeared active and sporty.

A favorite look was a gray jumpsuit with short sleeves and a zipper down the center. The model also wore red sneakers, bright yellow tape down his arm, and a red bandana tied around his head. The jumpsuit was a very innovative way to embody sport and comfort without the usual t-shirts and shorts men rely on. The training sneakers and muscle tape gave the jumpsuit an extra element of athleticism, as opposed to just comfort.

Brevans chose very interesting accessories for each model. Some wore bucket hats, others wore red or white bandanas, and some even sported zipper pouches across their chests. Each model wore a pair of training sneakers; a few were designed by APL, Athletic Propulsion Labs, a fitness company whose promise of making top quality running sneakers aligns perfectly with Dyne’s image.

Brevans’ presentation gave a very interesting twist on male fashion, pushing past the boundaries of comfort to offer men a chance to lead an active lifestyle and look stylish while doing it.

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